Monday, 15 July 2013

Let's change our lives together

Life’s become such a rat race. Every one of us is busy running after our goals whilst forgetting the most important aspect of the whole journey: having fun while you’re at it. A very close friend and brother figure used to tell me while I struggled during study breaks “DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN WHILE YOU’RE AT IT”. If you don’t have fun while you’re going through a challenge, the whole purpose is lost
We’ve all lost sight of the blessing bestowed on us. Both big and small are now hiding in the crevices of our Brain gyri. We’re so focused on what we don’t have. And guess what’s going to happen. Everything you complain about is just going to keep coming at you. You attract what you think of. You become what you think of. We’re all busy complaining about the short-comings. Because life has become such a competition now. You need to be better than the other to survive.
All religious scriptures and philosophy books states clearly that you attract circumstances to yourself. God/ Universe/ Higher being/ superior self/ nature whatever you may call it, brings to you what you ask for. These are things you may ask for subconsciously or intentionally. You are a huge magnet and you attract EVERYTHING in your life. All these philosophical giants knew what they were talking about when they advised the world that ‘Your life is in your hands’. Your life is LITERALLY in your hands. It basically works like gravity. When you take a dive from a building, you’re going to fall irrespective of whether you’re a good person or a bad person. So what you receive in life is not related to whether you’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Like the bible says

I remember reading a book that once changed my life and many others as well. THE ALCHEMIST. There was a particular quote that really struck me
“Whoever you are, or whatever it is you do, when you really want something, it is because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth’ The Alchemist, by Pauli Coelho.
You were meant to live in abundance. So whatever circumstances you are in now is not who you are but who you were. Change it now!!! I’m going through the same journey as you. All of us are fighting our own battles. All you got to do is stay positive and attract positive events into your life
To begin with you need to feel good. Our feelings are indicators to what we’re thinking of. You maybe positive in your outlook but in a remote corner of your mind, there maybe problems that runs non-stop and they manifest as bad feelings. What are these bad feelings?
Its the
·         Anger
·         Revenge
·         Hate
·         Guilt
·         Resentment
·         Depression
·         Fear
·         Anxiety
These feelings tell you that you’re in the wrong frequency. When you know you’re feeling miserable, a simple shift in emotions can make a huge difference. Listen to some music. Watch your favourite movie. Sing out loud (no matter how bad you sound J ). Arrange a date with your bestie. Guess what!!!!!You turn things around by a simple act.
There is no written fate. You create your destiny. Man becomes what he thinks about
The 1st exercise I’m going to do with all of you is the process of Loving Yourself. Many of us are still shackled to our past.
The failures do not define you
The Resentments do not define you
The insults do not define you
The break-ups do not define you

You are beautiful J if you weren’t, why would so many people love you in the 1st place. You know yourself and you need to start concentrating on your strengths. Look at how beautifully in His image God has created you J I don’t know about you, but I become very very shy when complimented on and fail to dwell on it J when you receive a compliment, stop and relish it. Dwell in that compliment and praise God/ Universe for creating you with so much beauty J you’re life is better than any fairytale movie because your life doesn’t have an ordinary scriptwriter J God and yourself are the best scriptwriters ever J So imagine what a masterpiece your life is to be. On one condition!!!!! If you let it be J